Langley Hall Update and message from Ruth Webb in Bendigo

Dear Friends,

With the pandemic restrictions in place those of us outside Victoria have not been able to visit Langley Hall in Bendigo.  Ruth Webb however lives there and has for 40 years been at the centre of the spiritual battle in that city, along with her husband Laurie and their team at The Tabernacle of David.  At our request this week she visited Langley Hall to make this recording to help you gain insight into the importance of us taking possession of the property. From the very outset the call to do so has been a work of the Holy Spirit and not of the natural mind. 

Video link: Ruth Webb Shares Spiritual Insights from Langley Hall

We are walking in the miraculous and learning not to lean on our own understanding. We follow a miracle working God.  What a glorious privilege to be part of His supernatural Kingdom inspired plans!  Thank you to all who have already given. We are now needing substantial offerings to reach our target of $2.4 M by the beginning of October To God be the Glory. 

Jenny Hagger AM Director AHOPFAN Inc . Pastor Ruth will be interviewing me this Sunday 16 August 2020 at 3:30 pm AEST on 105.1 Life FM in Bendigo. 

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