Langley Hall Update - LESS THAN 5 WEEKS TO GO!

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Dear Friends, Excitement is rising as we near the deadline to purchase Langley Hall in Bendigo.  There is growing faith that the Lord will release the remaining $1.8M that we need by the end of this month. When I stayed at Langley Hall as a guest in 2003 the Lord woke me at 5am and began to give me scriptures about the nations, and the prophetic words you will see on the attached YouTube clip. Then he gave me the song Take the Land by Don Potter.  For the rest of my stay I couldn't stop singing it! At the time I did not understand what the Lord was trying to show me.  The property was not up for sale and what would we do with such a substantial place? It all began to make sense when the Lord spoke to us on Kangaroo Island last October at the Gathering of the Watchmen.  We were to take possession of Langley Hall where people from many nations across our region would come to worship and pray.

Please watch this 3 1/2 minute  YouTube clip put together by Natalie Lonsdale from Victoria.  Natalie is a librarian in Bendigo and has been helping us with research. Whilst the word about Langley Hall has gone out across the prayer movement in the nation, we now need to take it beyond our boundaries so that we reach market place, business and educational centres and places of government.  Please forward this on to your contacts. From what the prophets are telling us, this is a vision that will affect all the nations of the South Pacific. Time for revival in the South Pacific!  Time to take the land! Thanks for standing with us. Jenny Director AHOPFAN Inc.

We give thanks for the following national leaders for their support and encouragement contained in these letters of endorsement:

Tax Deductible Donations Bank of South Australia BSB:        105-079 Account:   051-224-040 If you require a tax receipt please email through your bank transfer including your name and email address so we can identify your donation to: PayPal - Write Bendigo in the section where you can send a note and you must have a PayPal account to use this option Cheques to be made out to: Australian House of Prayer for All Nations - Bendigo Appeal and mailed to: AHOPFAN Inc., P O Box 1110, Stirling, South Australia, 5152

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