Langley Hall Update - South Pacific House Of Prayer For All Nations

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Dear friends,

In the next 12 days, we are still needing the remaining $2M to secure Langley Hall and our trust is bound in the Lord to see this finance come in. One of our precious prayer leaders Beryl Chester wrote this heartfelt letter and we wanted to take this opportunity to share it with you.

Dear fellow Christian, It’s a new day indeed.

We join in prayer all around the world in a way and to an extent NEVER before seen in the world’s history. The Lord truly can make all things work together for good.

My Pastor, Jenny Hagger, was called to move into unchartered waters decades ago when the Lord called her to start a ‘House of Prayer for all Nations’. This she has done in obedience, and with perseverance.

In December 2019, Jenny was given another impossible direction from the  Lord: to purchase Langley Hall in Bendigo as the South Pacific House of Prayer for all Nations!

There is an amazing story behind that sentence – you can read it here if I have caught your interest.

Please consider whether this might be an initiative that you might like to help with, or benefit from. We desire leaders and participants to be drawn from all over the Body of Christ.

Click here to view our Langley Hall Brochure

We cannot see the full vision yet, but we understand that Langley Hall is to be a prayer, worship, training and resource centre for the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit. We expect to have worship schools, prayer schools and conferences for people from all over the South Pacific region.

It’s a big vision: one that we would like the whole body of Christ to feel part of. We know that the venue will sow into the next generation. Like Anna and Simeon, we rejoice to see these days.

We invite you to sow into this, as Paul said, so that a blessing may return to you. And so that you can feel part of the miracle! BUT…

...We also appreciate a token, by word or deed, as an indication that your heart has resonated with the vision of the South Pacific House of Prayer for all Nations.

Since we miraculously won the agreement of the owners to give us time to raise the funds, we have had bushfires; sickness among our leaders; and now the virus and economic instability. So we know that this is a  “BUT GOD…” situation.

Will you pray with us? And then stand with us to applaud Him as He does what only He can do.

Yours sincerely,

Beryl Chester Supporter of AHOP

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