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Sharing treasure: A radio interview with Jenny Hagger

There's a great big spotlight on the prayer movement in this era. Houses of prayer are springing up like wildfires, and the Lord is raising up committed intercessors more than ever before, all over the world.

Jenny Hagger, AHOPFAN's founder and apostolic leader, was interviewed this month by Global Gospel Worship Radio in Arizona, USA. In the interview, Jenny shares about what the Lord is doing in the prayer movement, and recounts AHOPFAN's journey.

With joy, Jenny recalls the founding prophetic word: an instruction to "build like Noah" for a day that has not yet come, and marvels at the way the Lord has grown and networked AHOPFAN since that time. She talks about the critical importance of being single-minded and sure of what the Lord has said to do, whilst maintaining grace and honour for those who have not had the same revelation.

Jenny emphasises the critical importance of character, of humility, of relationships and of rest.

The full interview is available below.


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